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Phillips Supply provides a broad range of Laundry and Warewash supplies for businesses, including leading healthcare facilities, sports complexes, food service and other laundry applications in industrial facilities throughout Cincinnati, Portsmouth and Charleston.


Laundry and Warewashing chemicals are as important to the success & operation of our customer’s businesses, as they are vital to the health of the people they serve. Our warehouse is stocked with a variety of essential Laundry and Warewash supplies from industry leading brands such as US Chemical, Johnson Diversey, and Integra Systems, so customers can maintain operations at peak performance, at an investment that fits within your budget.


We offer a full line of Laundry & Warewash supplies to meet your needs:



Detergents that consist of the newest surfactant technology

Products that carry "cleaner" MSDSs

Detergents that consist of the newest surfactant technology

State of the art programmable dispensing equipment

Super Concentrated Chemicals available in smaller closed containers

Local warehouse and service

Phillips Supply Product Specialist

Prolongs product life while producing best possible results.

Prolongs product life while producing best possible results.

Safer products reduce liability exposure and workman's compensation claims.

Correct chemical amounts delivered for each wash cycle to control use cost.

Less storage space and safer easy to handle containers.

Deliveries and on-going Support Service are performed by our trained Staff.

Conduct onsite surveys and tailor chemical programs to meet your needs. Provide in-service training for your Employees.

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